Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Worst Things To Put Sprinkles On


Sprinkles are good on a lot things, but they're bad on a lot of things too. Like these things:

  • Really bad cake (waste of sprinkles)
  • On dessert of last meal of death row convict (they don't really deserve sprinkles*)
  • The bowl of sprinkles you're eating (that's enough sprinkles now)
  • Grease fire (It will only make the fire worse, use an extinguisher with fire retardant foam)
  • You're paint ball opponent (if you're out of paint balls, just call it a day)
  • Your salad (sprinkles are neither a bacon bit substitute or a lettuce substitute (if poured on bacon bits))
  • An open wound (Disregard if you are participating in a fester contest)
  • Cake at a funeral (Someone's going to take a look at all those happy sprinkles and burst into tears)

*Note: if you truly believe the convict is innocent by all means apply sprinkles.

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