Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Tell you what, you tell me your secret, I'll give you a ride in this balloon"


Frank: Damn it Dennis, I'm not telling you my secret!
Dennis: But I rented this balloon.
Frank: Why would you think that would change my mind?
Dennis: Everyone likes balloons.
Frank: How much did it cost to rent?
Dennis: $500.
Frank: Dennis!
Dennis: You got to spend money to make money.
Frank: How would you make money?
Dennis: Balloon rides.
Frank: How long do you get it for?
Dennis: 6 hours.
Frank: Dennis.
Dennis: You're kind of cutting into my balloon ride time, could you please tell me your secret?I want to head over to that school before recess ends. Good customers, kids.
Frank: So you plan to fly over there and have kids get up in your balloon with you?
Dennis: For a fee.
Frank: I'm not sure how many laws that would break.
Dennis: None.
Frank: Who rented you the balloon?
Dennis: This guy had it tied to his shopping cart.
Frank: His shopping cart?
Dennis: He seemed legit.
Frank: Damn it Dennis.
Dennis: Secret please.
Frank: No.
Dennis: I'm pulling up the rope ladder, last chance.
Frank: Don't go up too high with those kids.
Dennis: I'm a safe guy Frank. Secret?
Frank: No.
Dennis: I better turn on my balloon rides bell.

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